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Interview with Katherine Kelly Lang

Katherine Kelly Lang is an American actress, best known for the role of Brooke Logan in the soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful". For her role she was nominated for Soap Opera Digest Award and Daytime Emmy Award multiple times. Playing a person from the fashion industry for many years, she decided to create her own line of kaftans and jewellery. In the interview Katherine Kelly Lang is talking about her iconic character, Polish fans, healthy lifestyle and her plans for the future.

I think everyone in Poland at least heard about Brooke Logan. You have been playing her in "The Bold and the Beautiful" for 30 years and created an iconic, loved or hated character. What do you think about Brooke and her behavior towards Forrester family? What is it like to play one role for so many years?

Playing Brooke for over 30 years seems unbelievable. It can't have been that long ago since we started! Brooke is a wonderful character that I've enjoyed playing for a long time. She's so familiar and part of me that I can't imagine life without her. This role has given me so much and I'm so fortunate. The privilege of coming to work every day and fulfilling my passion to be an actor is priceless. Brooke follows her heart and she can't fake it. She's authentic. She's not afraid of being completely empowered that way. She's ambitious and follows her professional dreams and achieves them too. She's unapologetic about her choices.

Brooke Logan got married twenty times, so you had a chance to wear many different wedding gowns and make great memories. Which of these weddings was your favourite to play and why?

The series is about love stories, and Brooke has had more love stories than any other character. I guess that makes Brooke among the winners, in one way or another. It definitely means I've been working a lot as an actress. My favorite wedding is the one I am doing that day. Getting married on horseback on a beach in Malibu to Ridge all those years ago and riding horses through the desert in Palm Springs in Brooke's marriage to Eric stand out.

Four years ago Polish fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" were very surprised to see Brooke getting drunk off Polish vodka. Do you have any special memories associated with Poland or your Polish fans?

Everyone in America knows that Polish vodka is the best. It makes sense that Brooke would settle for nothing but the finest vodka. I have a lot of interaction with Polish fans. They are very active on social media and I see a lot of Polish fans responding and commenting on my social media accounts. It's a great way to get a sense of who they are and who is watching. And it's wonderful to get mail from viewers in Poland. I love hearing from them. Every two years, in Los Angeles, we do a wonderful event especially for fans, and it's always so nice to meet Polish fans there, too.

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After so many years you still look very young and fresh, so I guess that you do a lot to stay healthy and in shape. What are your favourite sport activities and ways of spending free time?

I have my mother to thank for my great genes. She is so youthful even though she is getting older, so I guess I take after her. I also take care of myself. I exercise, eat right, get lots of sleep and drink plenty of water. I do everything to have a positive attitude, reduce stress and have healthy relationships. For exercise I do triathlons, so I run, cycle and swim.

How did you spend the holidays?

I did some work in Italy at the beginning of the holidays, but I got to spend some special family time with my kids here in Los Angeles, too.

This year you will star in the movie "Stan the Man" and there are more great projects with you to come. Can you tell us something more about your plans for 2018?

I hope to push myself to discover new limits by running a marathon, launching new jewelry and triathlon gear lines, and I also hope to do more for others this year through my charities, Women for Tri and Breakaway from Cancer. I'm also going to be acting in a movie in Italy in the spring and working on producing a movie in the fall. And I'm still going to be working full time as Brooke on "The Bold and the Beautiful". I'm looking forward to some great storylines for her in 2018.

Thank you very much for the interview.

Thank you and all the viewers in Poland for watching!

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