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Interview with Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black is an American singer, who became popular on the Internet in 2011, after releasing her song "Friday". Even though many music critics called her song "the worst song ever", she never stopped dreaming of a music career. Now she is back on music charts with her new EP called "RE / BL" and she is going on tour with new music. In the interview, Rebecca is talking about her "Friday" memories, new record, Polish origins and future plans.

You became an Internet sensation in 2011, after your catchy song "Friday" was released on YouTube. It was six years ago and now you are a completely different person. What have you learned from this sudden popularity and being the centre of attention and criticism as well?

I was so young at the time, and there’s no one who can really teach you how to navigate your way through something like what happened with "Friday". So honestly, a huge part of what I’ve learned came from taking a mis-step, falling on my face, and then picking myself up and doing things differently next time.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned and am still learning, it’s that it can be so easy to start putting everyone else’s thoughts and opinions above your own - and trying to please everybody. But ironically when I did that - I ended up pleasing no one and most importantly that included myself. It’s not something I’ve completely conquered, but I think we all deserve to be happy with ourselves.

Lady Gaga called you "a genius", Joe Jonas performed your song live and Katy Perry invited you on stage and to her music video for "Last Friday Night". Do you still stay in touch with these great artists or feel their support in any way? Would you like to record something with them in the future?

That support at that time helped me so much… truly made me feel a little less alone. I mean, these were artists I’d grown up as a fan of, so the little 13 year old me was so excited and somewhat overwhelmed about it all! It would be a dream to work with them in the future, and I guess you never know what could possibly pan out!

Your new EP "RE / BL" proves that now you are a professional and confident artist, who is ready to hit the music charts once again, but now in a "more proper" way. How did the process of making the album look like? How can you describe your musical style and major influences?

Oh wow, I appreciate you saying that! It was a long process to put this EP together because I knew that I wanted something out that I really felt represented the person I am growing into, and as a musician, what I love to listen to. There were countless writing sessions and on some songs I re-recorded vocals 4 or 5 times because my voice kept changing as I kept growing up.

I’m always, always listening to music and trying to find what’s new, I love listening to a bunch of genres, and I love creating playlists. I’ve actually got this big playlist on my computer that helped guide me when piecing together the songs on this EP - like how a dance/EDM song could fit with something much softer and slower. I experimented with rocking out on some songs to showing a much softer/vulnerable side on this EP to see what felt right - but something that was also very important to me was cohesiveness among the songs.

The name "RE / BL" is an abbreviation for Rebecca Black, but it is also similar to the word "rebel" and your music video to "Foolish" really shows your mature, sensual side. Do you find yourself a bit rebelious or do you prefer to stay away from controversies?

I believe that everyone in this world deserves a fair shot at their dreams, and that we each have to fight against what’s holding us back from having that. But I believe you can still be a fighter without so much aggression and violence. So what makes "RE / BL" different from another rebel is that it’s about finding the strength in peace.

I know that your father is of English, Italian and Polish descent, so you are actually half-European. Can you tell us something more about your Polish origins? Would you like to come to Poland one day?

Yes, my dad has Polish and English descent, while my mom is Mexican. I would love to come to Poland!! I’ve gotten to see bits of Europe, visiting England and Norway so far - and I fell in love with the architecture and the amount of history there is to see there, that’s something very different from what you can see here in the US. Hopefully I’ll get to come over to Poland soon!

In October you will promote your new music during Love Is Love U.S. Tour and your new songs "The Great Divide" and "Heart Full of Scars" are becoming more and more popular. What are your next plans and do they include recording a longplay?

I’m so excited that the songs on "RE / BL" are finally able to get their moment publicly - and that I’ll be able to play them for everyone on tour. So that’s where my focus lies right now. That being said, there’s so much left in me to say, and I’ve got so much exploring to do… so more music is already on it’s way. To be honest, I’m not sure whether that’ll be through singles or an album - we’ll just have to see!

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