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Interview with James Plimmer

Christmas is a very special time, when there is a lot of talking about charity and being open to other people’s problems. A lot of musicians and celebrities are involved in volunteering. One of them is British pop-rock musician James Plimmer. On 2 November 2015 he released on iTunes and 70 other online stores his song ”A Christmas Without You” to help raise money for Aylee Penn’s charity Loubobs Legacy, which is working on a brain tumour research.

In this special interview James Plimmer is talking about the beginning of his career, Loubobs Legacy, his ways of spending Christmas and the plans for the future.

You started your musical career by publishing covers of the songs of Ellie Goulding, Carly Rae Jepsen and Ed Sheeran. I must say they are really good. What was the reason that you started singing and when did you realise that it is something you want to do professionally?

Firstly Thank you for liking them! I first started playing guitar and singing when my dad gave me a beat up old acoustic guitar at the age of 13, I formed a High School rock band shortly after and we used to play Green Day covers and think we were 'Rock Stars' haha. I’ve been in many bands since, joining my first professional touring rock / metal band at the age of 17 and embarking on a UK Tour, supporting acts such as Papa Roach, Heavens Basement, Glamour Of The Kill etc. before becoming a solo pop rock act in January 2015.

Your debut single "A Christmas Without You", which was released on 2 November, is a special and touching song wrote for the director of the Leicester based charity Loubobs Legacy, Aylee Penn. Could you please tell me something more about the story behind this track and your connection with Loubobs Legacy?

I met Aylee at a gala that she held to raise money for her charity, our relationship grew stronger on a daily basis and her story touched my heart. Myself losing several members of my family to cancer, it is a topic that is very close to my heart. After speaking to her I realised what little funding her charity did receive from the national budget (1%) which made me think about a special song for Christmas which I could write to help raise money for the charity. ”A Christmas Without You” was written from the heart and it applies to almost everybody in the world who is missing or has lost somebody near Christmas time, the lyrics emotionally are written about my nan who sadly passed away from cancer. I think the song touches the hearts of people who have been in a similar situation.

Apart from being a talented musician, you are also a radio presenter. How does the work in the radio station look like and what are your favourite aspects of this job?

I love this element of my job, the radio presenting is great because you get to engage with fans and the public in a completely different way to the norm of performing live. The studio is a smart, professional self contained unit which broadcasts both digitally (DAB) online and offline. The 'James Plimmer Show' is an amazing way to play my favourite artists and songs to my fans. It's a different excitement and buzz to anything else I have ever done.

You are now promoting your Christmas song on Charity Christmas Lights Tour in Leicestershire, but I hope you will soon go on the real European Tour. Are there any plans for the bigger tour yet and is there a chance to see you in Poland soon?

The Christmas Lights Tour was absolutely fantastic, it allowed me to showcase my music including the charity Christmas song to over 80,000 people combined in my very home town of Leicestershire East Midlands. The reaction to the song has been fantastic and has been supported by regional radio stations and newspapers. I have very big plans for 2016 and will be working closely with my manager to organise an amazing pop rock show in Poland (and hopefully get you all dancing and singing away). I shall also release a mini album, so hopefully I will get to play to you and meet you in person!

Christmas is coming and every family has their own special ways of celebrating this special day. What are your plans for Christmas and have you got any original ideas for spending this time?

I can't wait for Christmas! Getting my emotions out in the song has allowed me to help many people who feel especially sad at this time of year, to embrace what is a magical time. After performing over 14 shows in a month I shall be having a lovely break with my family during the Christmas period, obviously I'm looking forward to the lovely Christmas dinner that will be waiting for me back home ;) However there is no rest for the wicked and I am gigging again on Boxing Day and shall be really kickstarting my career into 2016. I just can't seem to stop!

I guess your record label J P Records have far-reaching plans connected with you. When can we expect your debut album and what is your biggest dream connected with the music industry?

JP Records has big plans for the new year, it will be my own label and allows me to self release my debut album, which you can expect in March 2016 with a debut pop single early Jan 2016! The dream is for my music to reach people all over the world and allow them to find comfort in my songs. I want to take people to a special place as I believe music is the most powerful thing in the world. I love my job and wouldn't change it for the world, music has helped me throughout my life through ups and downs and I now want to give something back to other people.

Thank you very much for this special interview. In the end I would like to ask you for one more thing: Could you please send some Christmas wishes for all the readers of this blog?

Thank you for your time and I wish all of your readers a Merry Christmas and A Lovely New Year, remember don't eat too much otherwise you'll only have to go to the gym more in the new year ;) I shall see you all for a show in the New Year!

If you want to learn more about James and follow his next musical steps, please visit his official site:

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