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Interview with Claydee Lupa

Christmas time is coming, but the interviews on my blog are getting hotter and hotter. Albanian-Greek musician Claydee Lupa is the author of the most popular songs of the Summer like "My Sexy Papi" and "Mamacita Buena". His songs are listened by people all over the world and make them want to dance and party. In the special interview Claydee is talking about the beginning of his career, his inpirations and the influence of dancing on his music videos.

"My Sexy Papi", "Mamacita Buena" and "Senorita"… Every Summer your songs are on the top of the European music charts. What is your recipe for the perfect Summer hit and what are your inspirations for lyrics?

I do a job that I love, and I make music that makes me and my friends happy, and it seems that, luckily enough, many people feel the same way about my music. Summer is the best season for me, people are happy and I want to help in making people feel even happier in these summer months through my songs, thats what inspires me.

Before you became a producer, singer and songwriter, you have been working in MTV Greece for two years. How do you remember your times there and how much influence did it have on your future career?

Working in MTV gave me some of the best experiences of my life because I was surrounded by people who loved music all day. I learned a lot from working there, a lot about music and a lot about music videos, which helped me understand exactly what I wanted to do with my career and how I wanted to do it.

Your music skillfully combines dance-pop, RnB and house music. This genre is very popular and there a lot of talented musicians, who play similar type of music. Have you got your favorite singer or producer, whom you can call your mentor or inspiration?

Growing up I remember being amazed and inspired by producers like Dr. Dre, Max Martin, RedOne, Scott Storch and artists such as Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo, Madonna, Rihanna, J-Lo, Chris Brown and overall I was often influenced by Billboard charting mainstream music and musicians. I can’t say I have a single person that inspires me more than others, it’s a combination of many different people and almost always it is someone new or different.

Your life is not only connected with music, but also with dancing - you are a professional Latin dancer. Can you tell me something more about this aspect of your life? Does your dancing skills help you on stage?

Yes, I actually started as a dancer and became a musician along the way and dancing, as it turns out, has helped me in many ways with my later career, firstly with feeling comfortable on stage and as you may have noticed dance always plays a big part in my music videos, I often assist with the choreography and use my experience as a dancer in order to achieve the best results for my songs and my videos, so that I’m always 100% satisfied with the end result, both musically and visually.

You have performed in Poland for a few times and I think you have a lot of fans in our country. What is your opinion about Poland and your Polish listeners?

I love them very much. Because they know how to party and they know how to have fun and every time I come to Poland I’m always filled with happiness because nothing brings me more joy than seeing all these people singing my songs with me and knowing all the lyrics. These are memories that will stay with me for life.

Christmas is coming and a lot of musicians are recording special albums for this occasion. Is there a chance for a special Christmas song from you next year? What are your plans for this special day?

I’m hoping that next year I can release a song about this wonderful Christmas period. I’ll try to finish something in time for it to get on my album that is going to be released soon. We’ll see.

Thank you very much for the interview.

Thank you for your time and your interest in me and my work. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a 2016 that will be much better than 2015.

If you want to learn more about Claydee and his music, please visit his official website:

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