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Interview with Ryan Ochoa

Ryan Ochoa is an American actor, who became famous after playing in TV series "Pair of Kings" and "iCarly". Now he is still developing as an actor and he formed a boyband Ochoa Boyz with his brothers. They released an album called "Nvasion". He is also working on some new film projects, which will come out in the foreseeable future. In the interview, Ryan is talking about his memories from the set of "Pair of Kings", his music career and future plans.

You became well-known among the teenagers after playing the roles of Lanny in Disney XD's "Pair of Kings" and Chuck Chambers in Nickelodeon's "iCarly". How did you become interested in acting and what was your first acting experience?

I have always loved to entertain people and make them happy and smile. I felt like acting was the perfect outlet to continue that. My very first acting thing I did was a commercial for Greyhound buses. It was cool to drive around in a bus all day. After that I was hooked. I did several more commercials before I booked my first theatrical role which was "Nostalgia".

I guess that before becoming a Disney star you have already been acquainted with Disney productions. What were your favourite childhood TV shows and movies?

I grew up watching many shows on Disney like "Even Stevens", and Nickelodeon shows like "Avatar" and "Drake & Josh". As far as movies, I love the "Lion King", "Dumb and Dumber", and "Titanic". "Titanic" made Leonardo DiCaprio my role model for acting!

In "iCarly" and "Pair of Kings" you played the roles of naughty kids who were always up to something, so there must have been a lot of funny situations on set. Do you have your favourite memories associated with being a cast member of "Pair of Kings"?

My favorite memory is how close I was with my whole cast and we are still to this day. Working with that talented and funny of a cast it was always a challenge, but fun to try not to laugh and break character during a scene.

Apart from being a talented actor, you are also a member of a hip hop/dance boyband Ochoa Boyz. You released an album "Nvasion" and your new music video for the song "Beast Mode" came out on 23 August. When did you decide that you would like to become a musician? Who are your musical idols and inspirations?

Speaking of "Beast Mode" we just released it five days ago on YouTube and it has over 40k views as of now! I wanted to get into the music industry, because it was something I could do together with all my brothers and who doesn't love music! When we first started our music was inspired by a mix of LMFAO, Eminem, and the Beastie Boys, but as the years have gone on we have come to appreciate many more genres of music and artists which has helped us grow as artists too.

When you perform on stage, you have to care about healthy living and working out. What do you do to stay in shape and feel good?

I can't say I really eat very healthy because I do like my fast food and cookies once in a while but I work out every day and I also get exercise in rehearsing our songs for a performance!

You grew up from being a Disney actor, but your acting career is still developing very well - you just wrapped a new film "The Samuel Project" and we will also see you in "Another Day in Paradise" and "Break Dance Revolution". Could you tell us something more about your future acting projects?

I want to continue acting for many years to come and I am excited that as I grow up, I am presented with different varieties of projects that come my way. I can say that all the projects coming up are fun, inspiring, and good stories. I have a few films and shows coming out soon, but I am probably most excited about the "Samuel Project" for many different reasons and excited for you all to see it!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this interview. Ryan is a great guy and his future is bright.