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Interview with Marzia Gaggioli

Today I would like to publish another double-language interview. She is creating songs in many different languages without even knowing them - Marzia Gaggioli is certainly a very original singer. In a sincere interview, Marzia is talking about her music career, other interests and plans for the future.  

You've been publishing your songs on Youtube since 2009 and they’re becoming more and more popular. When did you become interested in music and what were your first steps in music’s world? 

I have always made music since I was a child. When I was 6/7 years old I already played the piano and I composed my first songs. My first step in this world was when at age of 14 years I became a member of the SIAE, the Italian copyright society for composer and editors, and from that moment on I have performed in live shows, concerts and TV programs until I have discovered YouTube.

You are singing songs in many different languages without even knowing them, which is really original. How the process of making your songs looks like?

Yes, I love languages very much and I love to try to make songs in different languages. I just compose the music first, then I look for some nice word to put on the notes, and with the help of the dictionary, I try to compose sentences.

In 2012 you published a song in Polish called “Słońce świeci”, which made you famous in our country. What is your impression of Polish language and was it difficult for you to sing Polish words? 

Polish language is very beautiful, but it is very difficult to sing! Yes, I had a lot of difficults at the beginning!

On your official website we can find an information that you’re interested in art and poetry. Can you tell me more about your hobbies besides singing? 

Yes, I love painting and drawing comics, but also writing fantasy/adventures stories, and editing videos.

You seem to be very pleasant and positive person. What is your philosophy of life and the most important values? 

My philosophy of life is “live and let live”, the most important values for me are honesty and sincerity.

As I’ve said, you have many fans here in Poland. Have you got any plans to perform in Poland? Thank you very much for the interview. 

I would like to come to Poland very much, I still don’t know when, but I hope to visit your beautiful Country soon.

Thank you very much for the interview. 


If you want to learn more about Marzia and her music, check out her official website:

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